Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before I Was a Mom...

1. I got a full night's rest. And if I didn't, it was my choice to stay up late.
2. I ate the food on my plate. Now, little hands creep up from under the table and...
3. I never ate fast food. Now, it's a necessity.
4. I wore a size 5 jeans.
5. I took a shower everyday and usually by myself. Now, it's hit or miss and I always have someone right there.
6. I didn't need cookies or candy around for bribery.
7. I was the perfect parent.
8. My checkbook and the money in it...was mine.
9. My house was clean. Now, I can't walk 3 steps without twisting my ankle on a toy.
10. It took me 3o seconds to leave the house. Now it takes me 20 minutes to get shoes on, coats on, and kids buckled.
11. I didn't like silence and quiet time.
12. I never knew love like I know it now.

And Thank You honey for making all this possible. I love you. And making me a mom was the best gift you've ever given me.