Monday, August 24, 2009

Interview with Zoe

Out of the blue, Zoe says: Mommy, I'm gonna date when I get older.

Mommy: Oh yeah? What is the guys name?

Zoe: Jacob & Justin. Well I'm just gonna be the mom and they are going to be my kids and I'm gonna take care of them.

Mommy: Really? Well are you gonna have a job when you get older?

Zoe: Yes.

Mommy: Well what are you gonna be?

Zoe: I'm gonna work on my dad's ship.

Mommy: What is going to be your job there?

Zoe: I'm going to play with my toys.

Mommy: What toys?

Zoe: My babies.

Mommy: Hey Zoe, where does your mom work?

Zoe: In the office and on the couch.

Mommy: What do I do when I work?

Zoe: You click a mouse.

Mommy: Really?! What does daddy do at work?

Zoe: He takes care of us. And he saves us from monsters. And mommy will save us from a fire if the house fires. And you don't get fired if you are good. You only get fired if you are bad.

Mommy: Oh ok. Zoe, who do you know that used to fight fires?

Zoe: Grandpa McFair used to be a fighter-fighter.

Mommy: Honey, its just Grandpa Fair not McFair.

Zoe: Hahahahahahaha.

Mommy: Zoe what did Grandpa McClain used to do?

Zoe: Um, he is your dad.

Mommy: I know he is and what does he do?

Zoe: I don't know. Hahaahaha.

Mommy: He is a businessman.

Zoe: Oh yeah, a businessman. And he protects us and keeps us safe too.

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