Sunday, August 9, 2009

Projects in Progress

I have been spending my mommy time in the garage handcrafting a coffee table and end table for my bonus room! Although the bonus room has been a bedroom a few times we have finally settled on making it another family room with dual purpose as a guest room. So far we have a couch in there and soon to purchase the loveseat with a sleeper in it.

Please, please, please do not look at the clutter in the background! My poor husband cleans his garage everytime he comes home and everytime he leaves...I mess it up! Hehehehehe!

So here are the tables in progress. The top is comprised of reclaimed barn wood that I retrieved for FREE off of CL!

I love the distressed worn look so there is a little paint missing here and there. The bottom is made up of a bunch of 2x4's that were laying around in my garage. They really needed to go I thought...I'll make some tables! Waaaallaaaaaa!

There will be barn wood on the top and a barn wood shelf across the lower 2x4 braces. Eh?!!

I've suffered a few minor injuries making these tables and I'm starting to think that I shouldn't use power tools. Its not even safe for me to use a hand sander...nope. Certainly not.

I will be sure to post the finished product...soon!

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  1. Ok, girl, you are handy! I can't believe you know how to use real tools! I just learned how to use Nate's drill. I loooooove the table! Fabulous!