Thursday, September 3, 2009

I just have to show you this...

My lovely computer has been in our family for 5 years now. Its served its purpose well and has been used and abused by every kid in the family. I havebeenexperiencing major problems with the keyboard lately. You'll notice that occasionally the spacebar doesn't work and quite often random letters on the keyboard stick or just don't type at all. Ironically,they are all functioning just fine right now, except forthat silly spacebar!


Here is a test of the keyboard system at the Fair FamilyTimes. There goes the spacebar. Come on lettes, there goes he R and the T in the. Oh how amusing! I could type all day aughing t this thing. Do you see the L and the A missing?! I'm telling 85 wpm makes it difficult to catch these mistakes! It takes a lot of backspacing to clear thoseerrors! See the spacebar showed its behavorial problems in that sentence! I swear, it really isn't user error There went the period. I am even making sue I hit all te buttons - the R and H messed up in that sentence And theregoes the period and the spacebar again! Does anyone feel bad enough to searh for a keyboard at the next garage sale?! Thanks for listening. I'm done now.

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