Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is that?!

Since JT left for deployment I've done a very good job at keeping myself busy. After the kids go to bed, I moonlight out in the garage creating all sorts of goodies!!

My brother and his wife are getting their house re-decorated this deployment. Oh I sure hope they don't tell me to stop! I'm having too much fun!!

Here is my masterpiece. It's an old Ethan Allen hutch that has long been overdue for a makeover. Ethan would be so upset if he saw how it looked.

Note: Its really not blue inside the hutch...its all black. And its nicely distressed courtesy of my very dull hand planer.

Here my friends is a set of closet doors/shutters we slapped a little bit of paint on and added some hooks...walllaa! Now they hide the big gaping hole my brother and I cut in his armoire to get his TV to fit. Shhhh! No one has to know!!

This lovely milk can here had more bondo than a 1977 Station Wagon. My flat black spray can and I had a date night in the garage and this is how it turned out! It now works as a great filler in the corner!
Piece of scrap barn wood laying around the garage + craft paint + a set of stencils = A really cute sign for their great room!
Here is another THING laying around my garage. Its an old cabinet door turned chalkboard. Look closely...I even added a few square nails below for them to hang their keys on!!


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