Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Um, where is the pop-tart?!

So this is a beautiful cabinet my husband bought me (off CL) to store the kids' scarves, hats, mittens, and snow gear for the winter. Its also a great antique piece to add to my decor! My plans were to paint it black however, when we got it home I really like the distressed look of I'll leave it just the way it is...this week!
When I opened up the cabinet doors to take a picture to show everyone...there WAS a pop-tart right here. Smushed in between the drawer and the cabinet doors. I quickly ran to get my camera because I thought it was a perfect blog moment. I also wanted to send the picture to my husband (who is on deployment) to show him what the kids do while he is gone.

I thought for a second that my new cabinet came with a mouse. Until I realized that my toddler was just a few feet away with the remnants of a pop-tart still on his face!
The Culprit:


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