Monday, October 5, 2009

Putting my life into perspective

I complain I have to repeat myself to the kids.
He tells me he has to repeat himself to grown men, for the next 6 months.

I wince every morning when I crawl out from under my covers and my house feels cold.
He tells me his berthing (where he tries to sleep) is 85 degrees at night and humid.

I dislike going grocery shopping.
He tells me the ship is running out of food and has been eating Navy beans for a few days and food supply is still a week away.

I get frustrated when my internet connection is sometimes slow.
He tells me they haven't had internet connection all day.

I feel sorry for myself that I'm taking care of the house and kids by myself.
He tells me how bad he just wants to be with the kids.

I wish that I had 5 minutes to myself without the kids.
He tells me he is by himself.

I get disgusted that my sheets are loose on my bed.
He tells me his bed is 6' L x 3.5' W x 18" D. And he shares his room with 86 other stinky men.

I fuss at the kids when the house is littered with toys.
He tells me his entire ship stinks from the smell of dirty men creepy up through ventilation from berthing.

I wish I could get a full nights rest without a kid waking me up for 5 minutes.
He tells me he stands a 5 hour watch from 2 AM to 7 AM, then works a full day before he can go to bed.

I wish someone else was around to clean up the litter box. The smell is yucky.
He tells me he's been sorting through rotting debris looking for survivors.

I wish I would take each day, one at a time. And remember to be thankful for everything I have because really, its not all that bad.

He is thankful.


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