Monday, October 12, 2009

Zoe says...

Zoe and I were at the kitchen sink "working" together when brother wanted some fruit snacks he snagged out of the pantry. My hands were elbow deep in dish water so I asked Zoe to help Mommy by helping brother. She was ecstatic to help!

Jaxon: Eh, eh, eh? (holding fruit snacks up to me)
Mommy: Zoe, can you help Mommy and open the fruit snacks for brother.
Zoe: Of course! Here brother, sissy will help you. (and she walks them over to the table at Jaxon's snack spot)
Mommy: Oh thank you Zoe! Brother tell sissy Thank you.
Jaxon: Welcome.
Zoe: You're welcome Jaxon.
Mommy: Zoe that was so nice of you to help Mommy. Thank you for being a good big sister.
Zoe: You're welcome Mom. Thank you for asking for my help!

And today, this crazy everyday life is my dream come true.


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